Tamara Reynolds Excavation
Excavation, sound route

The work examines the physical and historic site of Franklin Pierce University. Drawing from local lore as a designated point of refuge for slaves traveling the underground railroad, the soundscape viscerally merges past with present. Correlating concepts of Plato's 'cave,' where the enslaved individual must venture out from the shadows to find true knowledge, and that of an alchemical process of critical pedagogy is explored.
Tamara Reynolds Excavation sound, 4 minutes, looped
Excavation, sound chamber installation
sound, 4 minutes, looped

Darkened corridor connecting lower level of Campus Center to the Commons. Multiple speakers installed within HVAC system panels to resonate with sound.

Tamara Reynolds Excavation sound
Excavation, sound route

Sound was captured over the course of a single day from the adjacent two-mile perimeter route. The route was established utilizing the Commons of the FPU campus as a point of origin, excavating sounds from the surrounding woods and Rindge community ringing the campus.
Tamara Reynolds Excavation
Excavation, sound route

Waterway and possible slave route skirting the present campus property.

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